b-no-bombsAs communists we acknowledge people’s self-determination as a requisite to provide that no foreign power interferes politically or militarily with the inner affairs of the other sovereign countries, among which Syria. In the scenario of a multipolar world, we fight against any kind of imperialism to overcome every dictatorship, including the most primitive and inhumane one: the social oppression carried out by banking and financial institutions, a capitalistic élite overwhelming billions of men and women. The brute expansion of their interests has been concealed under the name of “humanitarian aid”, such as the bombing on ex-Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, and the colonial invasion of Iraq. We consider the Syrian context to be extremely complex and many-sided. Therefore nobody could reasonably claim their right to draw a complete and ultimate assessment – neither could we. Still we can doubtlessly state that we will always oppose to any military solution featuring the interference of an autocratic world guard: US and UK together. We ask the Italian Government not to take part in the military operation in Syria and not to support Obama and Cameron in a new conflict adding further destruction and mischief. As working class representatives of a country which has dramatically been struck by the economic crisis, we will not pay for such an illegitimate attack. On the contrary, we hope for a massive international mobilisation – involving workers and students, as well as left-wing anti-capitalistic parties and the South world countries – in order to oppose to a military intervention in Syria, as this could impact on the whole Middle-East with catastrophic outputs from a political and humanitarian point of view.

Rifondazione Comunista Torpignattara 

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